Facebook algorithm and ways to outsmart it

Many consider the Facebook algorithm a mystery. That is why brands are rightly concerned about their presence on the platform.

Even if the recent changes in the algorithm did not affect you, you probably heard stories about how brands watched their organic reach dropped.

However, changes to the Facebook algorithm do not always mean problems for brands. According to the 2019 Sprout Social Index, Facebook is still the most suitable platform for marketers and consumers.

The Facebook algorithm controls the order in which posts are shown, so users see what is most relevant to them. Instead of publishing content in chronological order, publications and ads appear in the order that Facebook has identified as meaningful to you as a user.

The Facebook algorithm is still developing, and in 2019, the company has already made some changes to it.

  • "Why do I see this post?"

Starting in March 2019, Facebook has provided a context explaining why users see organic posts and ads. It also points to the need for brands to hone their target audience and encourage the activity of their subscribers.

  • The ongoing fight against disinformation

Facebook’s fight against fake news and misleading content has been documented. In April 2019, Facebook finalized its non-automatic operations for content facts validation to fight disinformation.

  • Polls make the feed more personalized

Personalization and relevant content remain the top priority of the Facebook algorithm. In May 2019, Facebook announced the widespread use of surveys to collect users’ feedback to make sure they see relevant content in their feed.


9 strategies to adapt to the Facebook algorithm

Such changes indicate that the Facebook algorithm is forcing brands to grow and adapt.

As part of the implementation of the new algorithm, it is expected that brands will promote high-quality content that provides real-world interactions and information exchange.

How can you do that? Here are the 9 effective strategies to keep your Facebook algorithm in favor of your brand.

  1. Make the timing of your Facebook posts perfect.
  2. Ensure that video is the cornerstone of your content strategy.
  3. Drive discussions before deleting links.
  4. Encourage brand employees and supporters to promote your content.
  5. Make photos and tags more priority than external links.
  6. Create only unique posts for Facebook.
  7. Start discussions in Facebook groups.
  8. Narrow your audience’s targeting.
  9. Invest in paid promotion on Facebook.

Whether you like it or not, the constant changes in the Facebook algorithm make brands rethink their content strategies. It means that marketers who adhere to Facebook best practices are more likely to be rewarded with good reach.